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Because my hard-disk is still dead, I scanned a few old slides...This is one of my first night-photos. I have more to come, but right now, everything is a mess. If you think of making your own virus, please don`t.

Nikon F-90x
Agfa RSX100



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Two terrible weeks...Unable to post anything. I`ve got viruses on both our machines, and it`s been a nightmare cleaning them. I had to work on Jeanettes laptop first, because she`s having an exhibition this Thursday, and she has everything on that PC.
50 or so different suckers made it into the computer while downloading Norton Antivirus. (Don`t ask...I know...Firewall...)
Our stationary machine which I use for this, is more or less dead. I`ve got 120 gig of pictures on that one, but I had to replace it with a new used one...

Well - It`s good to be back, and I hope to be able to check out your sites during this week.
today's post is Linn, my oldest daughter. Supersweet, 16, looks a lot like me!

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak EPP rated at 400 asa, outdated in `96.



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I have spent hours working in the darkroom lately. I guess I`m improving, but I`m restless by nature, and easily bored. Don`t know if this is something I want to do on a regular basis. But it makes me think, and it makes me focus on one thing at a time, and that`s something I really need to learn.

UPDATE: A virus on my computer has forced me to format my hard-disk... I`ll be online in a couple of days... Please be patient: You know my skills when it comes to everything involving a computer!

Nikon F-90X
Ilford Pan F


Rust never sleeps

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This weekend, we went to a party arranged by Studio A7, Morten Krogvolds studio.
We met a lot of people we knew, and some we didn`t know. I tend to get a little nervous and the minute before we leave the house, I always look for excuses not to go. But this was THE weekend for us. Jeanette got tons of positive feedback when she showed photographs of her paintings, a friend of ours called her son who runs a gallery, and he`s going to take a look at her paintings tomorrow!
I saw some new prints made by another photographer, and was so inspired by the punch in the prints compared to mine (prints from the local lab.) I went to the basement, found the old enlarger, and made a few prints yesterday. One of the prints is the one I`ve posted today. It`s from my trip to the beach last Thursday. Now, printing my own photographs is definitely something I have to do more. They came out a lot better than I thought they`d do. I got invited to join two photographers in a two-days darkroom-workshop this spring, and to join them 4-5 times a year when they meet and bring a new photograph for constructive criticism. Heavy stuff!!! They`re serious photographers, and I better act serious too.
What I`ve learnt from this weekend is: The possibilities is there for everyone. We just have to be present and react, and be willing to take a chance.

Nikon F-90x
Ilford Pan F



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Spent the whole day at our cabin. Drinking coffee, listening to the radio.
After a few hours, I took a walk down to the sea. Photographed at the beach, and walked for almost three hours. I met two fishermen. One of then had ten kilos of cod. The other had nothing. They were both retired from work, one of them told me he had worked at an electrical plant for 49 years and two months. Now he used to come down to the beach every day - and do what he really loved. Fishing.
They had seen each other many times. They had been there for almost thirty years, and today was the first time they actually spoke with each other.

Kajalunden is a small wooden area not far from here. I took this picture early in the morning, shooting directly into the sun. Had to crop the bottom part because of an error while inserting the film in the film-magazine.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak T-Max 400


Nr 57

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I love to walk around looking over fences, trying to see what peoples gardens look like. In summertime, every garden has it`s charm, but in wintertime, if there`s no snow....JESUS!
I know this can be related to the fact that some are sick, and not able to make it shine, but a few days ago, me and Jeanette drove past a house, and she suddenly said: "How is it possible to plant a computer next to a rose?"
I didn`t know what to say...But I got an idea! What about a project called "Norwegian Gardens!"
I guess I could make a few friends that way!
This entrance is not the worst I`ve seen. In fact, I found it charming.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak T-Max400



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Have spent more than a week in the smallest room in the apartment. My stomach hurts, and the toilet is suddenly more comfortable than my recliner. Have read all the magazines and newspapers I could get, and hardly ever turned on the computer to check out all my fav blogs.
Give me a few more days to gain some energy, and I`ll post the goodies again.
Now I`m hungry.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak T-Max 400


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