Easy Rider

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This is why I always carry a camera. It`s shot through the window of my car, and when I spotted him, I didn`t have the time to focus, adjust the shutterspeed or anything. As you probably can imagine, things went pretty fast here. This is one mean machine.
I love to watch people who dare to be different. There are many places not far from here where I can find loads of "originals". I live in a small city where most people work outside, in different places. There are not that many big factory's left, and that's probably why the city of Moss feels so empty. People live here, sleep here, but go other places when they have time off. Råde on the other hand is farm country. It`s only a twenty minutes drive from here, and Råde is fields, tractors, diesel and religious people. When I was a kid, I hated it. They were our enemies, and all the kids from Råde were stupid farmers. We were just stupid. Now I really enjoy going there because it`s one of the few spots where you find simple, uncomplicated people who doesn`t pretend to be anyone else. People who in their late eighties still ride their mopeds just for fun instead of watching Oprah.

Canon Canonet QL 17
Agfa RSX400



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Easter Holiday is my absolute favorite. Spring can`t come fast enough... I used to hate winter, just because there is no real winter anymore. Just rain and gray foggy weather. That's depressing. Spring isn`t. We had a few warm days at the cabin, took some long walks, read books, and started barbecue-season. Life`s good!
I`m so much looking forward to this weekend. I`m about to improve my darkroom skills. That`s actually very easy. Just by showing up. I have made a few prints in our bathroom, and some on a workshop in 2000, and that`s about it. There will be four or five students and one teacher. I thought we were going to make our own prints, but today I was told that we are supposed to watch the teacher, and learn by that. Hmm. That`s not what I expected, but I guess I`ll have a good time anyhow. I`m easy to please.

Nikon F-90x
Agfa RSX 100



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Only 5 working-hours left before I can take a few days off. I really look forward to spend some time with my family at the cabin. The last weeks has been very busy, and I really need to get my shoulders down. I`ll join a friend at a darkroom-workshop first weekend in April, and I really look forward to that. Feels a little like I`m 20 years behind sometimes, messing around with old junk, outdated film, always planning on new modifications- but I`m having fun with it. That`s my motivation. I will be offline for a few days, but I promise to bring a camera or two on my trip, and hopefully get some decent exposures.

Nikon F-90X
Ilford Pan F



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I found an old Agfa Isolette in an antique-store. It`s an old 6*6 folding camera. It fits straight into my pocket. (If I take out one of the others.) I tried it out with slide film, and all the pictures were great looking, except for the white dot in the middle of each frame. On the back of the camera, there`s a red window. It`s the cameras frame counter, and you can see the number on each frame through it. I used some black tape to cover it, but it wasn`t good enough. Now I have used a double layer of gaffatape. That should do the trick.
Looks like it works on all the shutter speeds from 1/15th and faster. There`s no meter on this baby, so I use a handheld lightmeter, or meter trough another camera.
If you find one of these, and the bellows are light-tight (open the camera and look through it against the sun) , and the shutter works, buy it. They sell for $10-50. It`s a supercool medium format camera that can give you negatives you can print HUGE!

Agfa Isolette
Agfa RSX 100


Hege & Martin

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Hege & Martin got married Friday, and I took a few pictures of them right after the wedding. I haven`t scanned all the negatives yet, but I don`t think any of the others can beat this. Charles Bryant was kind enough to let me borrow his tripod, and it would be impossible to make such a picture without it. I wish I could link to his beautiful portrait that gave me the idea, but it looks like he has removed it from his site. Anyhow: I was not asked to do this. I photographed them for fun. I used two rolls of medium format film, and got one or two photographs that were acceptable.

Hasselblad 503cx
Agfa apx100



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The Canon Canonet QL17 III is a small rangefinder. It`s perfect for streetphotography. It`s a tiny black camera, has a quiet shutter, and a fast 40mm 1.7 lens. I bring it everywhere together with my Canon Demi half frame camera. Jeanette laughs out when she sometimes has to move my jacket. It`s filled with cameras and film. Am I the only one?

Canon QL 17 III
Ilford Pan 50F



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We love to take a close look at everything we see. There is so much to explore, and if you bring a four year old girl on a trip, you don`t have to walk far before there`s something to photograph. This weekend, we had two boys sleeping over. They love Playstation games, and their goal was to beat my record on Collin McRae Rally. They were ten seconds behind Friday night, but by Saturday morning, the oldest, Robin was only a second behind, and Tim about 5 sec. Then I had to tell them how dangerous it is to sit in front of a screen for hours!
I`m a responsible adult, and introduced them to the world of Photography! They each got a camera and one roll of film. Kaja (4) got the digital point`n shoot. We went to "Rød Gård" (Where today's post was taken last summer.) We photographed two pigs, a cat, some trees, drank soda, ate some buns, and went home to their mother. We caught her sleeping on the couch, and the little devils said we didn`t have film in the camera, and got some beautiful shots of her in her jogging suit, and her hair in a mess.
They developed their own films, and I was just as proud as they were...

Nikon EL2
Agfa RSX100


De Blaa Bord

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Developed a roll of film yesterday, and it`s been almost two weeks since the last one. Been a lot to do at work, and a lot to do at home - so I just had to wait a little bit with all my projects.
A friend of ours came visiting yesterday, and he brought two mid 70-s Nikons, and two mid 50-s Leicas for us to see. It felt good to sit down and talk about cameras to someone without feeling too nerdy.
I`m about to photograph a friends 6 months old grandchild. I would like to do it in daytime, inside, using available light. Hopefully, we can arrange it next weekend. Haven`t photographed that young children in a while, and can honestly not remember if they move at all. They do...don`t they?

Today's post is the gallery where Jeanette is showing her paintings. I photographed at 1/30th. Sec @ F 2.8
I`ll go back in a few days, because the interior and the light in this old building was amazing. And I`ll bring a tripod. Maybe even use it.

Hasselblad 503 cx
Kodak T-Max 400



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Yesterday was Jeanettes night! She had her first exhibition, showing 25 paintings. There were about 100 guests, food, music, wine...
We drove to the gallery 0815, and hung 25 paintings on the walls in 3 hours. Everything went silk smooth... I had thought we would spend the entire day down there, maybe not even manage to get a shower before the guests arrived. Instead we got time to drink coffee, visit her sister and relax.
Now, our apartment is filled with flowers and all the walls are empty. Except a big photo of Anton, and a few others.

Tomorrow is the boys`night, and I won`t be posting anything new until Sunday.

Nikon EL2
Agfa RSX100


First try

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This is a three year old slide showing the black-smiths house. As you can see, I photographed it late at night, before it got too dark. I guess I just put everything on auto and waited for the shutter to close. Lately, I`ve become more daring, and guesstimate and experiment a lot more. I probably took two or three exposures at almost the same angle. Now, I burn through two or three rolls of film, because I know by experience that the best shot is probably nr. 36 or 37.
I also move a lot more, and sometimes the photograph is not in front of the camera, but behind my back. Last time I went to photograph this house, I ended up by photographing the fence you see in the foreground.

Pentax Me-Super
Agfa RSX100


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