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Busy days, hopefully I`ll blow the dust off of my cameras soon. We bought an old house last summer, and most of our time and energy are being spent on making our new home our home.
I don`t feel like I have to explain why I post so frequently, but I started this blog because I needed to push myself to go out and photograph. Now I push myself to post - posting is more important than the joy of making the photograph...
Who knows, maybe it`s better to take a small break, and forget about this blog for a month or two, and then hopefully come back with a load of photographs that I believe in.

Nikon D-70s


Wash Land

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My brain is on overload. I have to hold my breath while doing this. I feel like the guy in Matrix at it`s most intense, and if God and Allah wish, you`ll be able to see a photograph of a parked car in front of a carwash.

(There has to be an easier way!)

Nikon D-70s

Now, I`ll just press publish, and if it doesn`t work, I`ll scream, and throw this computer out the window, and maybe I`ll jump too.
(It`s ok. We`re talking less than one meter.)


This side up!

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I just had to do something about the psycho sidebar in this blog, so I changed the template, without saving first. Now it looks like I`m stuck with this. Guess I`ll have a few hours wondering how to solve some isues. I do not wonder how people are going to navigate to the previous photo, though. It`s common sense that they have to click on the photo.... Ahem, no problem - easy, piece of cake (Yepp!!!)
Perhaps this is the creative process computer-nerds love....

I don`t.
But I love to photograph: this was taken about a year ago. It`s the agfa scala 200 film again. Black & white slides!

Nikon F-90x
Agfa Scala 200



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Thank you, Mark for solving one of my biggest problems when it comes to this blog. The size of the pictures. They were too small. Like thumbnails.
One night, I found his blog, and was amazed by his photographs, and his simple design. Just what I wanted. When I saw "blogspot" in his adress, my heart jumped.
I sent him an E-mail, and he wrote a step to step tutorial, and even though I hate to change something that works, I trusted him, and started with messing up the template a few days ago. I honestly don`t know what happened, but I got text all over the photograph, the sidebar got messed up, and I asked him for help once more, and now it looks like ├Čt`s working.
Or is it ?
When I look at it on my computer, it`s still a mess, but when I look at it on a small lap-top I got, it looks good. There, the sidebar is below the photograph.
Please let me know how it looks like on your screen. And if anyone knows how to solve this, please let me know.
Nikon D-70s


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