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It`s funny how I sometimes walk past people I know without seeing them, or almost get hit by cars because I wasn`t aware...
Looks like I`m more focused on life's smaller details, like this pigeon pretending to be a constructionworker.

Pentax Me-Super
Agfa RSX 100



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Thelocomotives was 1 year yesterday! This is the 171th post, and I`m really appreciating all the comments and feedback you have given me!
I didn`t manage to get to Oslo and see Anton Corbijn last Friday, but Linn and I went Saturday and saw the exhibition. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Four photographs projected on a wall...
Oh, well - they looked great, and we had a great time anyhow. We saw "A-ha" playing in Frognerparken, and the crowd... 120.000 people. It was just great. I posted some pictures on Flickr.
The photograph I posted today was the first image I saw when I removed the film from the spiral. I didn`t remember taking it, and had a hard time finding out who she was. I`m definitely going back to photograph her more often. She`s not going anywhere.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Technical Pan (Use before 1986)


Creme Brulè

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I`ve been so nervous the pictures from the first wedding wouldn`t turn out any good. I was afraid there would be lots of blurry overexposed pictures because I had to photograph mostly indoors with flash. When I picked up the prints today, I could breathe again. They turned out great...
I took a few shots in the kitchen, while the chef made Creme brulè. The room had huge windows, and the light was just amazing.
I don`t know what happened, maybe someone left early - when everybody had been served, there were six lonely cups on the kitchen table.
They disappeared fast.

Nikon F-90x
Fuji Superia 200



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I`ve photographed in two weddings the last two weeks, and am about to pick up the prints from the first wedding on Tuesday. I used the Nikon and a Metz flash. The Metz has given me a hard time a few times, so this time I used the "easy-mode". I`m pretty nervous - hope they turn out good. Last week a friend gave me three old digital point`n shoot cameras. One of them was a Olympus Camedia C-2000z. I used it at the party after this weekends wedding, and after about ten exposures, I got the message "card error"!
I had just changed batteries, so maybe this happened because of this... I`m still thinking of buying a digital camera like the D-70. The plan is to use it with my studio lights. I think it`s a lot easier to learn to take portraits when I can see the results at once. Now I use polaroids, but because of the high costs, I can`t afford to shoot as much as I really want.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Technical Pan 50 (use before 1986)



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I saw in fotojournalisten that Anton Corbijn is coming to Oslo August 26th. I`ll try to take another day off work, but I`m not sure if it is possible.
When I saw the cover of U2`s "The Joshua Tree" for the first time, I was thrilled. He makes the coolest portraits, and I have to admit that when I photograph people, I often think "what would Anton do..."
I think it`s ok to copy other photographers style in order to learn from them. It will never be mistaken for the real thing anyhow. By copying a style or a technique, the photographer is forced to think while working, and that`s what makes the difference between a snapshot and something that can become a photograph.

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Technical Pan (Outdated in 1986)



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First day at work...Scanned a few films when I got home. Discovered a new virus on the computer. Nothing works... I can`t manage to make the next/previous buttons work, but hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow. We had three beautiful weeks off work, and I`m looking forward to post some of the photographs I made during those days. Today's post is from "Vigelandsparken" in Oslo. They were taken late at night with exposures at about 5-10 minutes. The film I used is the old outdated one. Now there`s only eight left...

Hasselblad 503 Cx
Kodak Technical Pan


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