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We`ll be offline for two more weeks, and it feels good to be out in the fields/woods, not knowing if it`s Monday or Thursday. I went home tonight because I photographed a lot last week, and need to develop a few rolls. (I`m addicted to Tetenal Ultrafin Plus.) I`ll go back to the cabin tomorrow morning.
I`ll check out some of my fav. sites tonight, while the film is being washed. I`ll show you the results when we get home.

Nikon AW (Old point`n shoot)
Agfa RSX 100


On the roof

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Looking forward to three weeks off work. Last day is Thursday - I can`t wait!
We`ll visit our friend this weekend, and hopefully we`ll photograph a lot. She asked us to bring "nice" clothes for a photoshoot in her garden.
I guess we`ll check out a few galleries too, and of course show each other our latest work.

I would also like to say THANK YOU to all of you who give me feedback! I took a quick look through all my posts, and read all the comments you guys have given me since my first post in August 2004, and this gave me a kick in the butt! Thank you once again...

If you`d like to see who`s photos I`ve been hooked on lately, you can go here.

Pentax Me-Super
Agfa RSX 200



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Here, you can see what I ment about the crazy negatives. The lightleaks are huge, but in a way charming too. This is an old plastic camera... What could I expect ?
I normally use 400 asa film in these cameras. If I know there will be strong light, like on a bright sunny winter-day, or at the beach in summer, I can use slower film, like the Agfa APX 100, or some slow slide film... Slide film is kind of hard to use in plastic cameras. The exposure is supposed to be spot on, but I have got some weird results, often with old film that I find in the freezer. With slide film, I don`t expect to get more than a few decent frames. With print film, it`s a different story. Modern print films are much nicer when it comes to exposure-errors. They can handle +/- 2 stops without any noticeable difference. (Well, some might disagree, but we`re talking toycameras here, OK?) My shot of Anton is slide film... One of my personal favorites.

Ilford Delta 400



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Some of you might recognice this window. It`s one of our cellar-windows at the cabin, where we spend most of our time when we`re off work. I went through some old stuff I`ve collected during the winter, and photographed some of it. Like these bottles, and the old empty box.
The camera I used is a Diana copy. It`s probably from the mid-sixties. It has a fixed shutter, and an "adjustable" plasic lens. It has some major lightleaks, and I usually use a lot of tape to make it light-tight, but this time I didn`t bother - I wanted to see how bad it could get.
It went pretty bad.
The lightleaks made the negative look like it was cut in half. One side was ok, the other side was way too light. Looks like I have to use some tape after all.
My Hasselblad is starting to collect dust, and I guess it`s time to start using it again. I`ve said it before - my choice of camera does something to my creativity. I play a lot more with cheap junk than with "real cameras". I need to work with that.

Ilford Delta 400


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