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I`m not very interested in grafitti; this is probably not even considered as grafitti. I`m sure there is a name for this too. Often, peoples work has to be defined as something, and there are no room for error, there are rules - like if there was an universal law we had to follow.
To some, this is a photograph. Other people might say that since there is no negative - this is just pixels. Some might define this as ramblings on a wall, "ugly too, this wall used to be white and shiny!"
I hope the person who did this is happy with the result. To me, this is art - and I`m no expert. I`m just impressed. You can see more here.

Nikon D-70s



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One more from the

Minox Leica M3



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Jeanette came back from a trip to Austria two days ago. She brought me a present, it was supposed to be for my birthday - and still is - but we couldn`t wait, so I opened the box at the parkinglot outside the airport. I thought it was a lighter shaped as a camera, but it was a real digital camera: A Minox Leica M3.
The camera is ubercool, it`s a replica scaled down to 1:3 of a Leica M3. It has a 5 mega pixel sensor, and is pretty easy to use. I`m not sure if it can be considered as a toy-camera - it is definetely not a camera I would recomend as an all-round camera, or the only camera, mostly because it doesn`t have a flash, but also because there are so many cool cameras in that price-range that will make it easier to get good exposures. But it sure is a cool camera for someone like me who like to get surprised, and try to avoid smoothness!
A great deal of the photos suffer from camera shake, and the highlights seems to burn out easily - it looks like it doesn`t handle contrasts very well - but I have to use it a lot more before i know exactly what is going on. It acts like a toy-camera, the photos get blurry, the colors are a little odd - and to me that is a bonus. I guess it will be my ever-ready streetshooter. It feels a little silly to say it, but to me, this is a digital Holga !
Today`s post is heavily manipulated to get the cross processed look, but I`ll post more photos in a few days that are more "clean".

Minox Leica M3




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Been photographing a lot lately, using both film and digital cameras. The polaroid film I bought a few weeks ago are still in the fridge. I`ve only used two 10-packs. One in the Polaroid Se-600, and one in an old Polaroid 320. The 320 has an integral lightmeter, and is actually a cool snap-shot camera that works pretty good indoors without a flash. My film is 100 ASA, but I`ll get some 3000 ASA too.
When I look through the polaroids, it`s pretty easy to see that they are snapshots - nothing special, a little uninspiring - I can tell by looking at them that I was restless when I pressed the shutter, but hey - can`t be on top of the wave all the time, right ?
Last friday, I went out in seriously bad weather, rain and strong winds that finaly ended up as a snowstorm. People in Oslo can cope with rain, but everything changes as soon as it starts to snow. Traffic jams, and people seem to dissappear. But even though I got cold and wet, I felt relaxed. About time.
Nikon (os) D-70s


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