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Lately, I`ve been working on making a rollfilmholder for my Mamyia SE600 polaroidcamera. It has beautiful optics, and is a joy to use, but the cost of polaroid-film is hilarious. What I`ve done so far, is to remove (destroy) the lens and bellows from an old 6*9, and now I`m trying to figure out how to make the filmplane come in the exact spot where the polaroids used to be. I might have to use a hacksaw to make it fit.
It`ll look ugly, but might work!

Nikon EL2
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Fanny`s shoes

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Believe it or not: Jump won the competition!!!
I got a phonecall friday night,and a journalist told me I won, and wanted to come over and give us the prize... It`s a gift-sertificate worth 5000 Nkr, and we have to use it at a local travel agent. NO PROBLEM!!!
It felt so good!!!
We`re going on a holiday somewhere!
Just got to get some pocket-money first, and then we`re off!

Nikon EL2
Kodak T-Max 400
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Some childhood friends and I were having a cup of coffee at this small place where we used to hang out as kids. We`re all in our mid 30-s, and everytime we meet, we start to talk about the good old days. I usually don`t remember many of the stories they tell, but this time something strange happened.
I noticed these two kids sitting five meters away from us. They sat there, saying nothing, sharing a 10-pack of icecream, listening to music trough an I-pod, minding their own business. But the way they looked, and their coolness made me remember my own youth, and this could be Ronny and I 20 years ago.
Doing nothing.
Just waiting.

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Torfinn and I photographed this tree a few nights ago. He managed to get a few decent shots of it, but all I did turned out crap. A little earlier this day, we played around with a small flash in our basement, and the flash came along in my bag, so we got the idea to photograph eachother, with this tree in the background. With us in the front. (Real foreground interest...) I wanted him and the tree in focus, but no way - either him or the tree. We used the same technique as I usually do: Camera on tripod, 30 sec exposure, and a small flash midways in the exposure.
We developed more film that day too, but I haven`t installed the scanner yet, so it looks like there might be a few more digital shots before I show you the good old Black and white again.

I entered a competition in a local newspaper, and Jump came first yesterday. Next week is the last chance to enter the competition, and then they`ll pick out one of the weekly winners. The price is a cheque worth 5000 Nkr, about 770 dollars, given from a travel agency. Perhaps we`re going in a summer vacation after all ?

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