Trick or treat

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I`m done developing the films from the photo shoot with Oliver (The one year old boy...) I`ve scanned almost all the film, and I think I got a few good frames, and one or two really good.

Todays post is from a film I forgot inside an old rangefinder camera. I can`t remember taking this photograph. I have no idea where it was taken, but the strange looking person is our youngest daughter Kaja. I`ll have to ask her if she remember this when she wakes up tomorrow morning...

Canon QL17 GIII
Agfa apx100



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...need to do this quick! Got to go...

Holga 120s with wideangle lens
Agfa apx400


Behind the fence

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Found an old wideangle lens on an old videocamera the other day. It fits nicely to my Holga. The lens on Holgas are not threaded, but I managed to screw it on. The plastic is pretty soft. Was no problem at all. I guessed the lens would be wide, but this was almost too much. It`s not easy to see on this photograph, but I guess it must be close to a 24mm or even wider (compared to regular 35mm cameras that is).

I photographed a one year old boy today. We turned our livingroom upside-down again, with lights and backdrop, the parents, the kid, me, and Jeanette trying to coordinate, and keep things going smooth. I think it went pretty well, but we haven`t seen the pictures yet... I`ll post at least one, no matter what.
One thing I learnt today was Jeanettes comment when we were done. I forget to tell people that she helps me. That I can`t do pretty much more than shoot, and that she`s the one who has to adjust light, follow the kids movements with the reflector, and do "the lot". Not the parents. When they interrupt too much, we loose the flow...
I`ll have to work on that.
You see: we are one hell of a team!

Holga 120s
Agfa apx400



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I just received an email confirming that I got tickets to dok05. I`ll see Antonin Kratochvil, and expect to learn a lot. Massimo just pointed out the importance of a change of routine, and I think he has a point there... Hopefully I`ll learn something about how to see different.
I`m still working on my portraits, and got two more jobs coming next week. The first job is from someone who saw this picture of Melissa when she was three months old. They now want me to photograph their one year old boy. The other job is Melissa again, as she`s one year old... I`m really looking forward to both jobs, and I`ll keep you updated...

Pentax Me-Super
Agfa RSX200


New stock

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It`s been a busy week, and thank God it`s Friday!
Didn`t have time to photograph as much as I wanted - I forced myself out the other night, but nothing happened. Same old story: Feeling guilty for not trying, being uninspired, photographed a few cables on the pavement(!), woke up, went home.
Sometimes it just don`t happen. I guess I just need to relax a little, read a photobook or two, check out some of my fav blogs, and I`ll be back on track in a few days.

Olympus 35 RC (Old rangefinder)
Agfa RSX100


Under the Oak

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This is the second photograph from Ninette and Nils`wedding. I wish I had moved in closer, but my intention was to use the oak as a frame. Sadly, the branches over their heads "burnt out"...
But I like it anyhow!

I heard about William Egglestons film "In the real world". Can`t wait to see it! I don`t expect it to be a blockbuster at my local theater, but perhaps it`s possible to buy the DVD in a year or two?

Holga 120s
Agfa APX400



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This was a magical moment! We vere standing in the middle of a forest, under a big oak. The exact spot where Nils asked Ninette to marry him last winter.
We could hear a fiddle playing somewhere in the woods, and suddenly - there she came walking...
I`ve photographed them before.
They`re beautiful.

Holga 120s
Agfa apx400



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I`ve been using the Olympus Camedia C-2000z a lot lately. It`s fun to use, and it`s way easier to check out the final result compared to filmcameras. ( I know: it`s 2005..)
The camera has a shutter mode where I can adjust the shutter down to 16 seconds, and it gives me the possibility to shoot at night, but before it gets too dark...
I`ve got some weird results, and I`ll post one or two in the next couple of days. The main reason I want a digital camera is because of my studiolights who are covered with dust. I tried them with the Camedia, - and it worked... but felt strange.
Probably because I lost the "what if" feeling... It felt a little like like cheating, but I guess it just takes some time to get used to it....

Hasselblad 503cx
Kodak Technical Pan 50 (Use before 1986)


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