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I`m so sorry for the lack of updates, but believe it or not: I`ve had a new disk-crash, no internetconnection, and generally nothing but trouble. (When it comes to computers, that is.)
Alright - here we go again. This is true film, good old Kodak T-Max.
One of my fav b/w shooters, Markus Hartel, made life easier for those of us who shoots digital too. He made a Photoshop plug-in, that converts color photographs to black&white, but not only that: the plug-in lets you choose different asa-settings too, so the final print looks like it was shot on Tri-x 400 or 800 or 1600!
The tutorial is here.

If you`re able to translate the text on this wall, I`d be happy to learn what it says.

Nikon EL2
Kodak T-Max 400
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Karianne & Tiril

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Compare this photo to the previous one. Here, we used the reflector pretty close to their faces. They`re still in a shady area in our garden, but the reflector throws light in their faces, and gives their eyes life.
If you want to use a reflector, but haven`t got anyone to help you, simply give the reflector to the one you photograph, adjust the angle of the reflector as you watch the light in their face, move in close with your camera, and shoot.

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Tiril 2006

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I wanted to show you the difference a reflector can make, but I`m not able to place two photographs next to each other on my blog. I`ll just post the other photograph tomorrow. Then you can use the previous/next buttons to see what I mean. This is Tiril. I wanted to use the hedge to the left as a backdrop, but she`s five years old, and moves a lot faster than me. We photographed her in the shade to avoid harsh shadows. It didn`t work to good here. Her eyes are way to dark, and the light is just dull and boring. This could be easily fixed in photoshop, but that`s a different story. I`s time to bring out the reflector! As I`ve mentioned earlier, a big piece of cardboard is all you need to make those eyes sparkle. Move in close, and the reflected light is bright and hard. Take a step or two back, and the light gets softer and less obvious.
More tomorrow...

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The last few weeks has been a true nightmare. I`ve been so focused on a meeting we had at work two days ago, that I`ve neglected everything else. I hate it when I`m not really present , but in order to get things done without freaking out, I just have to act the way I do. It`s not like I turn angry or acts differently, I`m just not mentaly there.
So - I haven`t photographed that much lately, except for today. Tiril and her mother showed up today, and I photographed her while Jeanette controlled the light (natural daylight) using a reflector.
We used to use a big white sheet of cardboard with tin foil glued to one side. It works great, but was a hassle to carry without destroying it. So we bought a "Trigrip" from Lastolite, and halleluja - it works great. I`ll post two photos from todays shoot to show you the difference.

Today`s post is from Tunis. I`ve developed the two neglected rolls, scanned the film, and promise to post a little more often than I`ve done lately.

Nikon EL2
Kodak TMax 400
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