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Been tired and uninspired the last few days. Guess the gray weather with wind and rain has something to do about it. Need to get out and make more pictures, but my ass is so heavy.
Looks like it has to be some nightphotography, unless my boss tells me to take a few days off.
It might happen.
And I might win a million too.
The project with my friend looks like it`s not going to happen. I insisted that we should do it by the end of the month, his job was to get hold of the cars. That`s an easy job for him, harder for me. Now it`s just: " Yeah, lets do it next week." I give up. This was his idea, he wanted the pics, i don`t care.
Or actually I do. I want to do this, but I don`t want to ask and ask.

Nikon F-401x
Agfa Apx100

He's cute! I like this picture much more then the last one. I guess maybe because it's a real person? Anyway, glad you got the sleep.
As for your friend, how about giving him a date to do the shoot, that way something will do written down. Of have you already tried that?
Wonderful photos. I particularly love your photographs of people.
We agreed about the end of the month, and now it`s 7th, so I will not nag about it. I`ll just wait and see. This was not a job I needed, but one I wanted...
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