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Almost bought a digital camera today. I spotted it yesterday, and the salesperson gave me a great price. Almost 50% off. I had no money on me, and told him I`d be back today. I checked on the net to be sure, and saw that the store`s camera was called DMCFZ2, not 20 as the current model. The new model is 5 MP, this was 3.2 MP. Seems like they tried to sell a 2 year old camera, and instead of telling me that, they said that they had ordered too many because of x-mas, and were willing to give me a good price. They look identical, and I`m happy I didn`t just buy it without being sure.
What I really want is the D-70 because I have some great lenses that I could use with it. I might save up some more money, or buy a used one. I really wish I could do this easier. The scanning and posting is really timeconsuming, but it is so nice to look at all the postings and the comments I`ve got during these few months.
Todays post is just weird.
I love it.

Pentax Me-Super

Agfa APX400

You gotta watch those sales guys like a hawk! ":^)

What I did was bookmark it on Amazon and check every day or two. One day I found the D70 w/Lens for $170 off. I posted the link to my weblog for others to take advantage of but by afternoon it was gone.

Here's the link:

Here's one where I get a few cents if you buy:

They say it's the same price to you but I wonder if that's true with sales?

Anyways, great camera, I love it.

Yes, if you have good Nikon lenses the D-70 is definitely the way to go. I have a D-100 and I am very happy with it.

PS: I did seriously consider extending my stay in those caribbean islands, but unfortunately we had too much to do in Caracas. However I am now in the Andes, which is not bad either...
Well, if you need an assistant to clean your lenses or just hang around, let me know. December in Moss, Norway is far from what you have experienced lately...Enjoy, and have a happy holiday :)
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