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A few days ago, I screwed up while developing. Two nights ago, I went out and did a re-shoot...Boy did it pay off! I got some really spooky shots, and learnt a lesson or two.
1. Keep a record of how many times I`ve used the developer and how old it is.
2. Never give up. Go out and do it again.
There is supposed to be a storm today, and I`ve decided to go out to the sea and photograph. Hope it doesn`t rain, because I want to use the Hasselblad, and even though it has survived me for almost a year, I`m not sure it can handle both me and salt sea-spray combined with raindrops, a storm and a light tripod.
If it`s to bad, I guess I`ll use my Pentax Me-Super. It survives anything. Even a four-year old girl with way too much sugar in her system.

Hasselblad 503cx
Agfa APX400

A great composition for that very difficult square format.

Hi Alfred. This is a very interesting image and I like its overall mood: I can almost see Ansel and Gretel crossing that open fence and getting lost in the wild forest behind. The dark background provide a good backdrop for the fence, that jumps up in the foreground. At first I was a bit puzzled by the softness of some areas of the image (as on top of the left fence). Then in the large size image I can see a sort of moire pattern just where the fence appears blurred. It is quite effective because the selective blurring creates the illusion of the movement, as if there is an invisible hand (a ghost?) that is moving the gate while the shot is taken. It adds a lot to the "spooky" factor. How did you get that effect? Once I got something similar because of raindrops on my lenses; is this what happened?

PS: Charles Bryant posted a comment relative to this photo on my "fence" photo (http://blog.ornitorinko.org/archives/100-Fence.html), as he couldn't momentarily connect to your page.
Massimo: The fence moved because of the wind...I had to cover the camera with my body to prevent it from falling over. The lens was protected by a lens-shade, but it might happen that a raindrop found it`s way to the lens. I`m not sure. It was too dark to see properly. And it was in a creepy place where my imagination got carried away, so i split.
Thanks again for commenting! (and this goes to you too, Charles!)
I usually don't go nuts about these kind of images but this one is quite interesting. maybe because it feels so creepy.
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