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It`s been a great year when it comes to resolutions...One of my goals was to start developing all my black&white, one was to make a website where I could present my photos, and one was to have a real exhibition. The first two is done... Now - two out of three is more than OK. I`m very happy, and think this has been the year I have been most serious when it comes to photography. Some of my best photos have been made this year, and the fact that my wife gave me a Hasselblad made me try even harder. I`ve been experimenting a lot, tried lots of different ways to make a photograph instead of a picture. I have seen more photographs in galleries this year than I ever did, and to see the real thing in a frame on a wall instead of on a screen is just so much more giving. My resolution for next year is simply to get better not by thinking but by doing. By reading my blog, I have been aware of a few odd things about myself, and even though people who know me and cares have told me to loosen up and do things my way, this made me see it clearly. I have everything I need: a camera, a lens and a roll of film.
The rest is up to me.

Canon Demi ee 17
Agfa Apx100

happy new year alfred :) Wishing you all the best in 2005, may your creativity flow and your mind, heart and shutter all work together : )

All the best to you and your loved ones!
very interesting moved me like your other picutres...i hope yoau re all right
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