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I found an old Agfa Isolette in an antique-store. It`s an old 6*6 folding camera. It fits straight into my pocket. (If I take out one of the others.) I tried it out with slide film, and all the pictures were great looking, except for the white dot in the middle of each frame. On the back of the camera, there`s a red window. It`s the cameras frame counter, and you can see the number on each frame through it. I used some black tape to cover it, but it wasn`t good enough. Now I have used a double layer of gaffatape. That should do the trick.
Looks like it works on all the shutter speeds from 1/15th and faster. There`s no meter on this baby, so I use a handheld lightmeter, or meter trough another camera.
If you find one of these, and the bellows are light-tight (open the camera and look through it against the sun) , and the shutter works, buy it. They sell for $10-50. It`s a supercool medium format camera that can give you negatives you can print HUGE!

Agfa Isolette
Agfa RSX 100

Fascinating, Alfred. I checked the link and learned quite a lot today!
Then I`m HAPPY!
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