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I have a tendency to forget where I put things. And when I look for it, my eyes adjust and act like a 400mm telephoto-lens at 1.7. ( Sometimes with a diffusion filter attached to it.) I know some people think I`m ignorant because I don`t say hello every time they spot me in a crowd, but I honestly doesn`t see them, I have a very narrow focus-point. I use it to my advantage. I can spot a crappy camera on a flea-market at huge distances, but can`t find my shoes when I`m in a hurry. I can find a one inch long fish on the pavement, but can`t find my car outside the mall. Some might say that`s pretty close to stupid.
But I don`t think so. Someone stupid wouldn`t photograph that dead dry fish and hang the photo on their wall, would they?

Pentax Me-Super
Agfa RSX200

I want to know, how did he get on the pavement?
i dont think that your stupid...thats completly normal for a lot of people. *shrug* im bad at remembering things and stuff like that too...it doesnt mean that we're stupid. your right...no one stupid would take a picture of that quality...lol...i wonder too how it got there.
I guess he fell off a sandwich.
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