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For my birthday, I got some new old cameras. My niece got me a Kodak Modele BII. She bought it at a flea-market in Paris. I was supposed to use it this week, but it turned out there was a screw missing. (No, in the camera.) It`s easily fixed, but I didn`t have it at hand, so I used another camera this week instead. It`s a Welta bellows camera. One of my birthday presents from Jeanette. (I also got tickets to REM in Oslo, Norway, June 22th...) I don`t know much about it, except it`s a medium format camera made in Germany. It was a joy to use, and looks and feels like it wasn`t the cheapest camera those days. Everything worked silk-smooth, and I was so happy when I took the film out of the developing tank yesterday, and saw the frames. This kind of camera must be perfect for travelers who want`s big negatives, but doesn`t feel like carrying a huge field-camera.
The difference between a negative from a 35mm camera, and a negative that is 6*6 or 6*9 is HUGE. It`s like a stamp next to a playing-card. If you use slow film (50-100 ASA), you can make big prints without any grain at all. Here, I used Kodak T-Max 400, and grain is obvious. The reason I used 400 film was because I wanted to be able to shoot without a tripod and with an aperture at about f.8. Just to check how the lens performed. I will post a few more photos the next days to show you how they turned out.

Welta (Old bellows camera.)
Kodak T-Max 400

Fascinating insight, as always :)
wow ... happy birthday : ) and congratulations on the new acquisitions!!
Big thanks to both of you!
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