It`s been a bad day (please don`t take our picture)

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Ok: First of all- I`m sorry this took so long. I`ve been busy working at our cottage, we did more this week than we did the last six months. We are rebuilding the house, and the garden, and when I got home late at night, I just wanted to sleep. Not scan negatives.
Anyway: REM! This was just fantastic!!!
As you know, I brought my tiny Nikon, but just before I left, I placed a 80-200 zoom in the bag too, and that was fatal.
Security checked my bag...
They found the zoom first, and when they saw the camera, they looked really disappointed. I felt like a kid stealing candy, and acted surprised. " I thought I could bring a 30 year old film-camera. It`s not digital... by the time I manage to develop this roll, REM will be retired..."
They said I could bring any camera as long as it had a fixed lens. All they could suggest was to lock my bag in a special room on the other side of the arena. There was no need to argue, they were just doing their job, so I went out again, and did what I was told.
I delivered the bag, but forgot the camera in my front pocket, together with four rolls of color print film, and one roll of Apx 100. When I got back, they just nodded and let me in without further inspections.
Madrugada and REM delivered. I managed to get pretty close to the stage, but the 50mm lens was too short to get any really good shots. If I had moved closer, it would have helped, but this was as close I could get.
I`m still waiting for the print film, and hopefully there are one or two good shots there. The stage-lighting wasn`t the greatest because of the bright summer-night, but some color might do the trick. I know I got a few shots of Mr. Stipe with his megaphone, and also one shot with a beautiful girl in front of one of the big monitors that were placed next to each side of the scene...
I really wanted to x-process some slide film this time, but I forgot to take it out of the bag, so I guess I`ll have to try this at the next concert I go to.

Today I shot a few frames with a Asiana. A really cool plastic-camera. It`s a Diana copy. Only less advanced.

Nikon EM
Agfa Apx100

I`ll be offline for a few more days.... Hope to be able to post more pictures over the weekend...

its a neat pic. i wish you luck with your cottage thingy and stuff...its really funny that the surcuity people chekced your bag, i bet that was a sight to see!
Mmm, I see... I guess it could have been worse. At least you managed to smuggle a camera. Strange the "fixed lens" rule: most of the cheap digital cameras have fix zoom lens... maybe it is a way to distinguish between amateur and professionals?

Anyway, post the photos when you have them, I am also curious about the photos of the crowd that often are a show in their own right.
Heia onkel!
Kjempe tøft bilde av REM!!og ikke minst artig historie!
Er inne så ofte jeg kan og ser på bildene dine! Det er så mye tøft!!

Keep up the good work
Tack så mycket!
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