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I can`t say this enough times: Film feels more "alive" than digital. I have used the d-70 a lot lately, but I don`t feel comfortable with it yet. It lacks "soul". My goal is to bring it everywhere, use it a lot, and finaly magic might start to happen...
I noticed that there were a few frames left on some T-Max400 film in my Canon QL17, and felt my heart pound! Finished the roll in about 5 seconds, and look forward to develop it tonight.

Holga 120s
Agfa APX400
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One of your photos that at first look underexposed and then, when you look again, you would not want it to be any differently. Brighter, and you would lose the sky; darker and you would lose their faces... I am not sure how you can meter this so well (and with an Holga!)... I usually fall in one of the two extremes...

I got so used to digital that it doesn't feel "cold" anymore. Maybe it is because I have been dealing with digital images at work for so long, that the digital processing has become a part of myself, and the process of taking a picture is not complete until it has gone through the computer.
digital feels a bit cold to me as well unlike this incredibly warm beautiful photo of these amazing smiles : )

I've been using a lot of digital lately though - trying again to find its redeeming qualities - it is a different medium and requires different processing and it is somehow in the processing that the photo can come alive I think ...

plus its easier to pack around on these winter days : )
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