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Found on one of my trips.

Canon Canonet QL17 GIII
Kodak T-Max 400
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Ok, this is baffling me.

It could have been a flying saucer, if the shadows on the right had been filling the image up to the top. But is not...

At the beginning I thought it was some sort of round convex object, but now that I look more at it, it may be concave, with a spotlight coming from the top left, reflected by the concave mirror surface: this would explain why the shadows are on the right. The double "chines characters" may be a reflection, too... or maybe not. Actually the two characters, albeit not identical, are similar, after all...

And there rim of the object, the lower part, almost looks like a printed electronic board.

What is it???
I wish it was a flying saucer. To bad it`s just an old japanese car.
Looks cool, though!
It looks very cool!
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