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It`s been a busy week, and thank God it`s Friday!
Didn`t have time to photograph as much as I wanted - I forced myself out the other night, but nothing happened. Same old story: Feeling guilty for not trying, being uninspired, photographed a few cables on the pavement(!), woke up, went home.
Sometimes it just don`t happen. I guess I just need to relax a little, read a photobook or two, check out some of my fav blogs, and I`ll be back on track in a few days.

Olympus 35 RC (Old rangefinder)
Agfa RSX100

Of course. I always shoot in bursts. There are periods in which I go out with the camera all the time. There are other times in which I don't touch my camera for months. If I am un-inspired, there is no point in even trying... I simply don't see a thing, it's like having ham on my eyes. Things that work: going into a new place, a change of routine...
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