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Milan were surprised I didn`t buy an obscure digital compact, with a horrible lens, and two mp resolution. Well, I didn`t have to buy it. A few years ago, I picked out the lens from a disposable camera, and drilled a hole in a lenscap. I glued the lens to the lenscap, and used it on my old Pentax ME-Super. I got some weird photos, but didn`t use it that much. Not until a got the Olympus Camedia c2000z. A 2.1 mp digital compact.
The lenscap doesn`t fit - I just hold it in front of the lens. That works fine.
Don`t be surprised if you see a photo of a digital Brownie or a digital folding camera either.
I`m working on it.

Olympus Camedia C2000z Posted by Picasa

Oh, the thing is, you are such a talented photographer, that you'd even manage to come up with great art even from a low resolution digicam, with a horrible lens. In these things is the talent that counts, a good camera and film/lens just make it more exciting and creative :))))
that's a great idea actually, rip the lens off a cheapo
digital and use it as a sensor for old school cameras :D

damn, the sensors are too small - we need to wait 'til
digi full frame prices fall, for the time being it has to
work the Alfred way. Great idea.
alfred - you are just so darn inspiring : )
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